Lly muscle and bone) around the lesion with replacement and reconstruction using an allograft (cadaver donor bone) or metal prosthesis. Adequate bone healing can take nine months to one year. viagra coupon Rehabilitation requires casting for a few months followed by bracing and crutches (for lower extremity tumors) for almost one year. Physical therapy is necessary to regain motion and strength, but the progression is slow. viagra side effects joint pain It is important to realize that the affected limb will not look the same nor return to normal function. Patients return to normal daily routines but there are restrictions on physical activities. buy brand viagra Prolonged walking, sitting, running, and heavy lifting should be avoided with lower extremity allografts. With upper extremity allografts, heavy lifting, pushing/pulling objects and repetitive use of the arm should be avoided. viagra dosagem ideal Patients with upper or lower extremity allografts should avoid contact sports. Sometimes amputation may be the only surgical option due to the tumor size, location and/or invasion of surrounding vessels. generic viagra Amputation insures complete removal of the tumor, and in most cases, the patient rapidly returns to a functional level. Final prosthetic fittings begin within one month after surgery if the residual limb (stump) is healed. Unlike the allograft patient, the functional limitations of the amputee are left to the imagination and determination of the patient. If local recurrence or distant metastases occur, the combination of chemotherapy drugs is changed and surgical resection and radiotherapy is considered which involves intermittent periods of hospitalization. Chondrosarcoma a malignant cartilaginous tumor so named because it makes cartilage as it grows. viagra pills canada cheap It occurs most often in adults between 40-60 years of age. order viagra This tumor affects the pelvis, hip, proximal femur and sometimes the shoulder and knee. viagra dosagem ideal Patients usually complain of a dull, persistent, aching arthritic pain with a tender mass which may slowly increase in size distorting the normal shape of the bone and extremity. order viagra online Pathologic fracture is rare, but patients may experience pain caused by the large soft tissue mass putting pressure on surrounding nerves and muscles. cheap viagra In some patients,. English version