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Jesus loves you! All people on this earth may deny you - but Jesus Christ will never deny you!

Our church New Harvest
Today our church of believers has around 30-40 members. We are united in Jesus Christ by faith, love to each other, and love to Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Many of us have been in difficult circumstances throughout our lives, but when we came to repentance---
Jesus Christ changed us and we have been healed.

On this site you are able to see the testimonies of people
who have been healed by Jesus Christ. Healed even though doctors told them,"No, you are not going to live."
People who have been healed from drugs, alcohol and smoking.

On this site you will be able to find songs which glorify Jesus Christ. These songs have been given to the people by the Holy Spirit in amazing ways.These are people who have never worked with music before.